We should never be afraid of the undiscovered or the uncharted, because curiosity fuels discovery and pushes the frontier of knowledge.

 –  Governor General of Canada Julie Payette’s New Year’s Message, December 28th, 2018

«Together – the adage says – we can move mountains! Of course, any scientist will tell you that this not exactly really technically possible, well at least for now, but it means that if we put our brains and smart and altruistic capabilities, together, we can do a lot of good. We can help improve the lives of people in our communities, diminish the gaps and inequities here and elsewhere and have a better shot at tackling really serious and pressing global issues like climate change and population growth and poverty and migration and cyber-threats and basic health, and nuclear proliferation, and human rights, and so on, because global issues know no borders, no timeline and truly need our attention.» 

As a 2-time spaceflight veteran astronaut and spacecraft operator, jet pilot, electrical engineer, AI researcher, science communicator, environmental advocate, corporate director, musician, and former governor general of Canada, Julie Payette can speak to your audience about:

  • RESILIENCE How to overcome challenges and thrive in a high performance environment (where there might not be many like you…)
  • DIPLOMACY the benefits of collaboration and the power of international relations on and off the planet
  • GLOBAL ISSUES: we all share one planet and so far, this is the only one where we can live and flourish. Earth is humanity’s spaceship and it does not take into account borders, no timelines and truly need our attention.
  • RISK MITIGATION & RISK MANAGEMENT from space flight to corporate governance
  • WHY ask WHY? The power of
  • EXPLORATION. The more we learn, the more we realize how much we still don’t know. We need no to be afraid of the uncharted, the unkonown.
  • WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP. The Theory of the SIGMA removed.
  • MUSIC AS AN ANCHOR: Science, creativity and revitalization.

Madame Payette can present to a hybrid audience (in person and live online at the same time) in French, English and Spanish

Perspective from space

The place of women in science

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